A downloadable game for Windows

A boss-rush action game, created for Ludum Dare 38.

Fight against the mutant threat in your mechanical armor, through a variety of environments. There are five forms of mutant for you to battle.

Keyboard Controls
Z - Jump
X - Shoot
C - Enter/Exit Armor

Gamepad Controls
A/X - Jump
X/Square - Shoot
B/Circle - Enter/Exit Armor

Double-pressing a directional button will perform a dash.
Due to time restrictions, a continue function was not implemented. Thus we have included a shortcut to immediately reduce the enemy's HP to 0 and continue to the next fight. On a keyboard this is F1, and on a gamepad this is SELECT. Later versions of the game will not require this.

Programming - zeta (twitter.com/zetashocker)
Animation and Design - Jeej
Composition - Woofle (soundcloud.com/leila-wilson-woofle)
Animation and Design - S-Purple

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Published 153 days ago
TagsLudum Dare 38

Install instructions

Download the archive, extract anywhere, and run the exe.


Bio Noid - LD Jam Version.7z (136 MB)